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The Creature in the Classics of Mountains and Seas. Web Source: Canva.


  1. Hi Taiwei,

    I was immediately taken aback by the homepage of your storybook project! I love love love that picture and I think it really sets the scene well for your theme! Your storybook is also very nice and organized, which I really appreciate.

    I was in for another wonderful surprise when I clicked on your introduction page! These pictures are just absolutely magnificent! But your writing was even more magnificent! Your introduction was very well-written and easy to follow. I really enjoyed how you used native names for your characters and then translated them to english right after. I think it adds a sort of authenticity to your storybook that no one else will have!

    I cannot wait to read the stories of the phoenix and all of the other amazing characters in your story! I also cannot wait for all of the other amazing pictures that will go with your stories!


    1. Hello,

      I enjoyed your tale. I read a fiction middle-school grade book talking about the nine-tailed fox, and I'm super happy to see this again. Also, I love a story with a phoenix.

      Your description is excellent! I truly loved how you described the environment and made it feel otherworldly, but at the same time familiar.

      I appreciated the translation of the other names as it gave me another characteristic for the characters.

      There are some punctuation errors, for example, in the last paragraph, after the word "later" you placed a comma and capitalized the word "A", which should be a lower case letter. I understand this was probably unintended.

      I really can't wait to see what you write, and I hope this helps.

  2. Hello Taiwei!

    Your story book is so fun to look at. The theme of it blends so well with your writing. The images you used work so well with the theme and it is easy to understand what you were trying to accomplish.

    The Introduction page was a pleasure to read and was full of descriptive information that was easy to follow along. You introduced the characters so well and I especially liked how you told us what the names meant.

    I always enjoy reading and learning new things, so it was a blast to read your introduction. I cannot wait to read more of your work. Keep it up


  3. Hello Taiwei!

    I thought the combination of the art with the intro was beautiful, and the history of all the characters we will encounter was amazing too! The descriptive words that you used made the place sound so beautiful and serene, the visuals of your story are great! I also thought the first story was a great way of setting up the first character before she meets the scholar and goes on the rest of her journey. I'll be honest the 9 tailed fox is referenced in so many shows that I've watched but I never knew the original significance or where it came from. I think reading more of your story book will help me learn a lot, so I'm excited to see where this story goes! I think you've also inspired me to do some of my own research about the origins as well, it'd be really cool if today's media and pop-culture was also rooted in the original story.

  4. Hi Taiwei!
    Your Storybook is gorgeous! The photos you chose complement your story so well. I'm also very invested already in the main character's story so good job on creating a story with characters and a plot that are intriguing!
    I will note that the introduction kind of confused me more than it helped to locate me within the story. By the time I had finished reading it, I didn't feel more prepared for the story to come than I was before. This could be remedied by introducing the characters with more description and background in the introduction. I would also be careful about verb tense because your sentences tend to flip back and forth between the two and it can be confusing.
    Overall, this was a great piece filled with brilliant visuals and interesting characters. I know that I definitely want to read more about The Scholar in the future. Excellent job!

  5. Hi Taiwei!

    First of all, your Storybook is absolutely beautiful! I love all of your photos, they are very high quality and really add to the mysticality of your website. I really appreciate your translation of the Chinese names in your Introduction. Your name choices fit with each of the characters nicely. The juxtaposition of the name “Jingqing”, that is supposed to represent peace, with a wicked, wild creature is very well done. I’m excited to see how the haven holds up throughout your project this semester.

    I loved your first story! I like how it starts very ordinarily with a teenger rebelling against her parents. Qianxue Ke is a very relatable character. It did make me curious about her backstory though. Why does she have an apathy to learning? Did her parents make her learn so much growing up that she feels overwhelmed by learning? Maybe this is something that could be explored in later stories.

    I’m excited to see where you will go with this storybook. I’m excited to learn more about the main character, and I’m also looking forward to maybe hearing more from the parents. What if her parents discover that Qianxue Ke is gone, and one of the stories explores their attitudes and their searching for their child? Nonetheless, I’m excited to see where Qianxue Ke’s journey takes her!

  6. Hi Taiwei, this storybook is incredibly beautiful, right away the images are gorgeous and the layout is wonderful. It is very pleasing to go through and easy to read, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hadn't read this story so I liked in the author's note how you explained a few things like about the scholar. My favorite part, and I don't know if it was you or the story, but when it started misting and Qianxue decides it is a perfect time for hiking. I also love the allusion to romance but keeping it open to interpretation for the reader. Every page is set up with a beautiful image that is very prominent and they were all well chosen. In the intro, I enjoyed that you set up each story at the end so the reader has an idea of what is to come. The only comment I can think of is maybe having a picture depicting Jingqing's story as well? Other than that I am looking forward to your other stories and images as well.


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